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ENGL 1302 – Pleimann Literary Argument Essay Description of Assignment: For this essay, you will write a literary argument concerning Night by Elie Wiesel. Please choose four or five of these literary devices: plot, setting, theme, character, mood, symbolism, conflict, imagery, dialogue, allegory, and irony; and analyze how they work in your chosen short story and to what effect. Choose literary devices based on how important they are in the plot and character development in the novel. You will be required to support your interpretation and analysis with research. You will also be required to incorporate elements of the author’s biography and how his history affected his writing. Organization: The introduction should give some key background on the novel and where it fits in the canon of the author’s works. The thesis should indicate which elements of the story you will analyze and what is gained through such analysis. Your introduction should include an underlined thesis. The body will identify where, how and to what effect your chosen literary devices work in the novel. Use quotes from the novel to demonstrate the use of the literary device you are discussing, as well as paraphrasing and outside sources to root your essay in textual analysis. Organize the body so your analysis builds on each previous paragraph, giving us the basics first and ending on whichever element you feel is the culmination or unifying element of all the rest. The conclusion should restate your thesis and examine any new understandings about the literary devices and themes that arise from analyzing the novel. What should we take with us about this subject? What have you uncovered in the story that is worth remembering? Essay Requirement Checklist  Did I include biographical information about my author?  Do I have an underlined thesis?  Is each body paragraph about a literary device used in the novel?  Does my conclusion examine new understandings of the pieces of literature?  Did I use four academic sources in addition to my primary source?  Is my essay at least four pages of text? Requirements: • MLA formatted with in-text citations and a works cited page • 4 pages (plus a works cited page), typed, double-spaced, 12pt font, Times • Four academic sources in addition to your primary s