Final Reflection

Cover letter prompt Write a 1200-word reflective cover letter that reflects on your own writing and establishes your own writing theory, using a writing theory article and the material in the e-Portfolio as evidence. Pick a specific audience (students in your major OR students who will take this course in the future) and choose the genre that you think is best to address that audience: a letter, an essay, a narrative. Please address all of the following questions when writing your cover letter: 1. From concepts and practices, what is your theory of writing? What can you tell your audience about your own theory of writing or what have you learned about writing that you can explain to them? Note: your theory of writing is just a fancy way of saying what you think about writing or how you see yourself as a writer. 2. What are they key terms from this course you think are important? List them and explore why they are important to your understanding of writing. (key terms: discourse community, knowledge, genre, context, and reflection) 3. You read and discussed many articles on the key terms and other writing knowledge. How have these readings changed your writing knowledge this semester? Reference specific articles (with author name and article title, NOT just chapter number), and don’t be afraid to quote/paraphrase. 4. You engaged in lots of writing practices this semester in and outside of this course. How did learning these key terms help you with your writing practices? How did learning the concepts and engaging in these practices make your writing better? Make references to specific places in your writing (pages and paragraphs) that support your answers. Using titles and page numbers of your work will help me find the examples you refer to. Your analysis should highlight how the writing knowledge and practices that you engaged in may have helped you with writing in and outside the course. 5. Look forward to future situations: classes, career, extracurricular activities, or any other writing contexts. How do you expect your theory of writing to inform writing in those contexts? How do you envision using what you have learned in this class in writing situations within your major? What about writing in future academic, personal, professional, and civic contexts? As you answer these questions, you are expected to support your argument from the particular materials in your e-portfolio. Give precise examples as evidence and make clear reference (name of assignment, draft, page number) to help me locate your examples in the portfolio.