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READ THE ARTICLE THAT IS UPLOADED BELOWPrompt: Now that you have read your piece and taken some notes, the following critical elements must be addressed. Write at least three sentences in response to questions 2-4.What article did you select for your term-long critical analysis project? List the title and author here. The title and author is listed below.An author’s purpose or goal is their reason for writing a work. Based on a literal reading of your selected article, what do you believe is the author’s purpose? How did you arrive at that decision?Key points* are pieces of evidence that support the author’s purpose. In your selected article, what are three key points that support the author’s purpose that you identified in Question 2? How do those key points support it?An author’s audience is the group or groups of people who are being addressed in the reading. What audience do you believe the author is writing for in your selected article? What potential challenges does the author face when addressing their purpose with this audience?