gened proposal 1

Choose a topic that you would like to know more about and develop a research proposal that seeks to answer your question. The purpose of this is to apply the knowledge you have acquired over the course of the semester by establishing a thoughtful and interesting research design. Once you have decided on a topic you will need to complete some background research (literature review), decide on a design (quantitative or qualitative), and then compile these features to explain how you would research the question of interest. To be clear, this is not a research paper, so the bulk of your grade will be determined by how well you have constructed your question and the design you argue is the best way to approach it.Your final product should include the follow items:Identification of the Research Question and Explanation of Interest (why it is important).A clear thesis statement (or hypothesis) and an explanation of your expectations.Define the critical concepts in your theory and analysis. (What are the IVs/DV, how will they be measured?)A thoughtful and succinct literature review.A discussion of research method and design. How are you planning on studying the phenomena of interest? What design are you planning to use? Why is this the best way to test your theory/expectation?Concluding thoughts on the viability of such a research design/study.Remember, this is a RESEARCH PROPOSAL and not a RESEARCH PAPER.- Paper Length Requirement6-10 FULL Pagesfocus on:1- Identification of Research Question & Explanation of Interest2- Hypothesis & Expectations3- Identification & Analysis of Critical ConceptsWhat is the IV of interest, control variables, DV, etc. and how will they be measured? ( IV: independent variable / DV: dependent variable (the outcome), The independent variable is the variable expected to account for (the “cause” of) the dependent variable) (The dependent variable is the variable a researcher is interested in. … An independent variable is a variable believed to affect the dependent variable.)4- Research Method & DesignHow are you planning on studying the topic of interest? What design are you planning to use? Why is this the best way to approach your question?5-Concluding ThoughtsWhat complications would you expect in carrying out this research? Do you believe the research is viable?my topic of interest: US soft research question: how does soft power benefit US foreign policy?hypothesis: US soft power increases US hegemony in some countries depending on the context.IV: US use of soft power , DV: amplification of US diplomacy and hegemony.note: keep my topic, however, research question, hypothesis, IV, DV, and control variables are all subject to change If you feel you need to.sources: minimum 5 sources.