good teacher

What makes a good teacher?By now you have certainly had many teachers in your life, in grade school, middle school, and in college. You might also have had some wonderful teachers outside of the classroom. For this assignment, I want you to think about what made them so outstanding.Begin by listing some of the best teachers you have known, both in and out of school. Once you have done some prewriting, start listing the qualities that made these teachers so outstanding. In your essay, I want you to focus on explaining to your reading audience the characteristics that these people possessed that helped make them such great educators. (I do not want you to write an essay about your favorite teachers, but you can use them as specific examples as you develop your body paragraphs.) You can list these attributes in your thesis statement, and you can begin each body paragraph with one of these qualities. In other words, each body paragraph should develop a specific quality of a good teacher. Use specific teachers to “show” your readers specific examples of this characteristic.Develop your body paragraphs with specific examples from your own experiences. Remember to be as specific as possible. In other words, use “real” examples.