Instructions for Assignment 2

Completing the QuestionnaireOpen and complete the  Positive Thinking Questionnaire   . This is a paper and pencil test, not an electronic one. You can print  it and fill it out manually, or you can simply write the question  numbers and your answers down on a piece of paper while you read the  document on the screen. You do NOT have to submit the Questionnaire so  use any method you want.Read the section on the questionnaire that describes how to  evaluate your results. Also read the section that describes the negative  thoughts.Write  DiscussionYour discussion should be in narrative format, not in a list, and  it should be a discussion, not simple yes, no, or sometimes answers. It  must be 200 words or more.Your discussion on the Positive Thinking Questionnaire should  include the information listed below. The required information is contained below:What was your test score and how do you feel about it?Analyze your results and list the possible reframes that you  can use to turn around any negative thinking that may apply to you.  Support your analysis with research from your reading of the textbook or  external sources.Has completing this exercise changed your ideas about positive thinking, negative thinking, frames and reframing?Your opinion on this assignment: was the assignment helpful to you?What did you learn from this assignment and how can you use reframing to improve your attitude?