literature review

A literature review is one way to make sure you’ve got all the necessary sources and research done before writing your research paper.  It’s a way to make sure that you’ve chosen the best sources to support your thesis and allow you to get valuable feedback from me regarding your topic, claim, and the quality of your researched support.Below is a list of information you should provide for literature review.Present the playwright you plan to use for your research paper.Present at least THREE sources you plan to reference in your research paper.For your three sources, make sure to include the following:TitleAuthorLocation of publicationRelevance to your thesis/topic for paperExplain why these sources are good ones to use.Explain how these sources relate to your tentative thesis/paper topic.Explain the research method you used.  For example, explain where you went to find your sources (Galileo, the Library Link on the Savannah Tech website, Google scholar) and what was your process once you were there or looking at a source.below is the play