Manuscript Special Occasion Speech

Instructions: By now you have given several speeches. The special occasion speech is unique in that you use a manuscript and your focus is on delivery. I should hear every pause and emphasis and their should be a lot of expression in your voice. Make sure you upload the manuscript on the due date. Choose a person you admire and who has made significant contributions to a profession, science, entertainment, sports, politics etc. (they do not have to be American) You will carefully prepare what you are going to say and utilize the methods of manuscript delivery in a 2-3 minute speech Although you are using a prepared manuscript, you must be familiar with what you are saying. WORK WITH A MANUSCRIPT: write out everything you plan to say and don’t change anything at the last minute. Use a very large font (14 or larger) “Mark up”// your manuscript // and write delivery notes to yourself For example: / = Pause // = Long pause _ = Emphasize 7. On the day you are to present, bring in a copy of your manuscript. 8. Adapt your remarks to the occasion—formal or informal. 9. Make sure your remarks are completely accurate—above all pronounce speaker’s name correctly. Example of speakers and events: “An Evening with David Sedaris” at UCLA’s Royce Hall Oprah Winfrey at a Broadcasting Conference A PETA spokesperson at an anti-fur rally Although you are not creating an outline you will organize as follows: Introduction Attention Gaining Statement Statement of who is being introduced (Preview) 2. Body Why this speaker? Why this subject? Why this audience? Why this time? 3. Conclusion Formal introductory statement. Sample of a Professional Speech “If a teacher can laugh while teaching, well, couldn’t most anyone do anything?” Today we will hear from the creator of these wise words. A self-proclaimed “laffter guru” and enthusiasm specialist will show us exactly how “laffter can be the best medicine.” Our speaker this morning is Bob Moss, founder and director of the self-confidence-consulting firm, Moss-Cess Unlimited. Bob Moss has over 34 years of teaching experience. An accredited teacher in the state of California, he was a faculty member at the University of California San Diego Education Department for 21 years. With an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm, the man touted as Hubba Jubba is here to share experiences from over 3 decades of teaching. It seems that scientists find a new benefit for laughter on a daily basis. We’ve all heard how laughter can make us happier, but did you know that it could stimulate endorphins in the brain, help relieve stress, and could actually reduce our risk of heart disease? Bob Moss also believes that it can help us be more successful in everything that we do. And that is exactly what we are here to do. Learn to be more successful mentors and educators. We are all here to learn creative techniques and self-confidence skills that we can pass on to students of all ages. We are at a time when our children are faced with so much crises in their own schools. With a new semester right around the corner, we will all learn practical and fun ways to bring happiness, enthusiasm and the gift of laffter back into our classrooms. An advocate of positive thinking is here to remind us of the importance of enthusiasm, creativity, and more importantly, of simple laffter. His message is important to us because it will illustrate how we can be more successful educators. Ladies and Gentlemen, motivation specialist, laffter enthusiast and founder of Moss-Cess Unlimited, Hubba Jubba, Mr. Bob Moss. Student Sample Wendy Tang Special Occasion Speech Fellow rice eaters and Japanese car brand owners,/ welcome to the first/ Amazing Asian American Actors Award Show. Who better to be our first presenter of the evening,/ than John Cho. // He is best known for his role as Harold/ in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,/ Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay,/ and coming to you in theatres this winter,/ A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. // It is very important to honor Asian American actors and actresses/ who broke out into the film industry because we all know Asians are hardly ever seen in an entire American movie./ Much less,/ not in an entire episode of a television series either.// Rice eaters,/ becoming a doctor or an engineer are not your only options for reaching the stars./ Just look at John Cho,/ reaching just as high/ with the help of an ounce of purple/ and a movie deal./ Do not be discouraged from fulfilling your dreams/ of becoming an Amazing Asian American actor or actress./ Now I know it’s difficult for you all to find gigs right now/ because if you all did find one, you wouldn’t be sitting here in front of me./ You would be on a set shooting./ But that’s okay, because there will be,/ and I repeat,/ there will be a day when Asian Americans take over the film industry.// So remember,/ if your entire role in a movie series/ is to roll up a blunt,/ smoke it,/ and randomly run into Neil Patrick Harris,/ then you,/ my friend,/ have established yourself/ as an amazing Asian American actor. Without further ado,/ please/ welcome/ John Cho!