Module 2 Discussion: Communication Through Persuasion

Read the Article: Techniques that Apple Uses to Influence you ( this article is from 2015, I find it covers six great areas of persuasion. After you have read the article, select a company/organization that you feel does a GREAT job of persuading the public – DO NOT USE APPLE! Write a paragraph foreach arealisted below explaining how your selected company/organization handles the art of persuasion to its consumers.1. Scarcity (write a paragraph)2. Commitment & Consistency (write a paragraph)3. Reciprocity (write a paragraph)4. Authority (write a paragraph)5. Social Proof (write a paragraph)6. Liking (write a paragraph)Before submitting your post be sure to read, and re-read your work. CHECK YOUR WORK and PROPERLY CITE YOUR SOURCES!  I will deduct for sloppy mistakes, especially sloppy grammar errors and lack of cited sources. There is no min/mad of cited sources required but I know you will use articles for your discussion posts so be sure to cite all sources and properly quote any sources needed.