Movie Review-Dreams

DreamsAfter watching Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams and reviewing all materials in this week’s Content unit, address at least three of the following questions, separately or in combination. You may also take the conversation in new directions. Be sure to apply concepts studied in this week’s reading.Are you familiar with other movies directed by Akira Kurosawa or other Japanese films? How did your experience of those films shape your expectations of Dreams? If you had not watched other Japanese films, were you surprised by this one? How?Provide examples of patterns or motifs in in one or more of the dreams. What is the purpose of these patterns? What are the reactions viewers are likely to have?What is the main point concerning the creative process of art as presented in “Crows”?The different dreams use very different lighting and color? What is the effect of lighting and color in one or more of these dreams?Discuss realism and anti-realism in one or more dreams. Where do they alternate between the two modes? Why do you think the film-makers made those choices? Do the dreams maintain verisimilitude?Does the director manipulate our experience of time and space? How? What is the purpose? Please provide specific examples.