Peer Review

~ Answer the feedback questions for each Essay you read.When commenting on a paper, be straight forward—tell the writer the truth.Write comments in the same manner you wish to receive comments—no rude comments. Be considerate to other writers.Readers pay attention to the content of the paper. Do you understand the writer’s message?Readers do not make comments about a writer’s grammar. I will do that. ******8 Feedback Questions:When commenting let the reader know which paragraph you are referring to (i.e. in paragraph 3 you write about)What is the writer’s thesis statement?What is the main idea of each paragraph?What has the writer done to help the delivery of his/her message?What is your favorite line?What can the writer do better?What questions does the writer leave in your mind?Was it easy or difficult to follow the writer’s paper?  Explain whyAre their any notes that can help the writer with the delivery of his her paper?300words for each essay