Philosophical Paper

PHILOSOPHY PAPER GUIDELINES A Professional Philosophy Statement Reflects your “beliefs, concepts, and attitudes regarding your profession.”  The value of your profession  Your style of leadership  The application of recognized professional practices  The role of education (both formal and informal)  Ethical behavior  Relationship to people, e.g. respect for ethnic and cultural diversity  Serving as a role model  And other areas that are important to YOU.How to Get Started  Start by writing down words/ thoughts that come to mind when you think about a “philosophy statement.”  Create an outline. What are key areas or thoughts you want to convey?  Organize your ideas/thoughts together. Use this as a basis for your paragraphs.  Introductions are important. Sketch out your statement and then go back and do yourintroduction.  Consider starting with a quote but make sure it is relevant and connects to your openingparagraph and overall philosophy.  Do not over quote. No more than 2 quotes and the quotes should be no more than onesentence long.  Give references for the quote or any other appropriate materials.  The concluding paragraph should include a summation of your Philosophy. Do notintroduce new concepts in the closing paragraph. Everything summarized in the finalparagraph should have already been discussed.  Introductory paragraph should include the philosophy/belief statement and introduce yourarea of concentration  Review the areas mentioned on the slide on Professional Philosophy Statements andincorporate when appropriate these areas into your statement.Developing a professional philosophy statement helps to communicate your professional viewsand values regarding your profession. During your professional career this can be valuable, suchas when applying for a position of work or other professional positions. A professionalphilosophy statement can also serve as a tool in reaffirming what important professional rolesand responsibilities you want to embrace in your career.1REC 4903 Professional Philosophy Statement Guidelines Watch your spelling and grammar. Do not use words like “stuff” and “things”. These words are empty in meaning. There are many other words that can fill out your thought better than these words can.Format  Minimum of 2 pages no more than 4  Typed double spaced  Make sure you have paragraphs  Have an introduction and end  Make sure that nothing new is added at the end. When you summarize it should reflect what you have already stated.  Review for spelling and grammar.