Report on your activities in the past month in your studies at SEU

PurposeTo assess your ability to apply knowledge from the course to simulated real world situations.Action Items• Report on your activities in the past month in your studies at SEU.• Use the memo format, organize your document with a:o Clear overviewo Followed by specific details of your activitieso And your self-evaluation of those activitiesSubmission InstructionsComplete and submit this assignment per your professor’s instructions.Grading Criteria• Memo should include the following requirements: 0 – 5 pointso Memo addresses each of the three topics listed aboveo Memo conforms to an appropriate formato Memo conforms to academic standards of English grammar and spellingMy activities:For computer programming course:4 labs in java coding1 Assignment- i did an assignment and it wasn’t easy- i tried my best to understand java by watching youtube videos about it to be able to codeComputer organization course:1 discussion board1 quizDiscrete mathematics2 assignmentsi find this subject difficult but I am an autonomous learner. I’ll try until I figure it outTechnical writing course:1 discussion board1 assignmentActivities are done in the university:I changed my name in the university because the university wrote my name in the wrong wayFor the evaluation:we were late to do the evaluation due to COVID-19 I could not enter the university campus