research essay, a genre analysis of a genre

My topic is: how Counselors Can Support Teachers and how it is alike.A few tips for your genre analysis research project:Research papers are often organized by the following labeled sections: Introduction/Methods/Results/Discussion/Conclusion and Recommendations. You can follow a similar organization pattern with your genre analysis.Suggested Structure for your Genre Analysis:Introduction:   Considering telling about your interest in the genre. Is it related to your academic discourse community (major)? Or to a special interest you have? Why did you choose it? Who uses the genre and for what purpose?Methods: How many samples did you gather? Where did you get them? How did you chose them? What reading/secondary research did you do about the genre and about the people who use the genre? Have you interviewed anyone who uses the genre? How and why did you choose them?Results: Describe your samples. What are the conventions and patterns you notice? What did you learn from gathering the samples and reading about the genre and the scenes and situations in which it is used?Discussion: What do those patterns and conventions have to say about the scene, situation and genre? What do you find most significant about the data you gathered? Why?Conclusion and Recommendation: What impact does this have on how you use and practice the genre?