review essay about an article attached below

for your final paper I just want you to write a 5 to 6-page, double-spaced, review essay.How?After you select the reading you want to work on, please spend some time reading it again and more carefully, and take notes. Then I want you to summarize the arguments that are made in the article you picked. We are talking about a review essay. This means that you review what the author is arguing but in a more compact way, you pick the main arguments in the text and you present them to your reader (that is me). You don’t need to do anything else, no citations, no external sources.Just pick the reading you prefer, read carefully, take notes and present the main arguments. Besides presenting arguments, if you want, you can critique the article, the author’s approach, his use of argument and “data”. Or you can praise it by stressing what you find important in the arguments.I hope the assignment is clear enough now.