Revising Paragraphs and Using Transitions, Semicolons, and Colons

In this discussion, you will work on paragraphing and transitions in your writing.Initial PostSelecttwo consecutiveparagraphs from your case study project and complete the following:Post the original paragraphsRevise the paragraphs to include appropriate paragraph breaks and transitions.Also revise to use semicolons and colons, as appropriate.Be sure to indicate your revisions in bold type.Peer ResponseReview the original and revised paragraphs of at least one classmate and comment on the effectiveness of the revisions. Here are a few things you might consider when writing your response:Do the revisions improve the clarity of the ideas? If so, how? If not, why not?Is the use of semicolons and colons correct? How might they be used more effectively?Are the transition words used in the revised paragraphs appropriate? If so, why? If not, suggest alternative transition words.What insight about paragraphing and transitions in writing have you gained by reviewing your classmate’s post?What insight might you offer your classmate regarding paragraphing and transitions in writing?