Stranger Sequence prep #2

General note: If you wish to refer to various artists that you are familiar with, that’s FINE!BUT>>You MUST directly refer to specific parts of the readings that are ASSIGNED for this sequence. So please don’t skip that requirement.OPTION A: “BEING MISUNDERSTOOD IS ALMOST A BADGE OF HONOR”: (This statement is from the Jay-Z essay.) Some artists and writers are well aware that they are seen as strange or different or perhaps even a bit dangerous—and they make NO apologies for being this way. What are some examples of artists or writers who boldly express themselves (sometimes in ways that might seem “strange” and unsettling to others)?OPTION B: “THE ROLE OF STORIES IS TO UNIFY”:  (President Barack Obama made this previous statement in his interview with Michiko Kakutani.) Artists and writers have often sought to identify with—and perhaps even speak for—people or groups who are considered “strange.” We’ll also discussed how this is by no means an easy step to make. What are some texts we read which state a writer’s or artist’s desire to speak with and for other people—and what might be some texts in which writers or artists note the complications of trying to do so?Choose ONE of these options. Please submit a post of at least 250 words by midnight on Monday, May 10th.If you quote from a poem, I expect that you will try your best to use the proper format. See the handout and/or BB link about “Quoting a Poem.” It is worth 4 points.