Stranger Sequence prep#1

OPTION A: BEING “PROVOCATIVE” OR “CONFRONTATIONAL”: Sometimes a stranger comes into a village and just tries to get along. In other situations, a stranger arrives and has a strong and often accusatory message to deliver to the village. And at times the “stranger” and the “villagers” remain in a state of confusion and hesitation. Please refer to some of our recent texts and explain how authors describe their own choices about getting along and/or about being “confrontational.”OPTION B: BEING AN “OUTSIDER” OR A “DIVIDED CHILD”: We previously read two texts about President Obama, and in these texts he used both of these terms while describing himself. What might these terms mean? How have different artists and writers sensed that are not quite part of a certain group or place–or that they may indeed have some connection to more than one group or place or language? How have they tried to understand and express their conflicts or questions about this situation?Choose ONE of these options. Please submit a post of at least 250 words by midnight on Thursday, May 6th.If you quote from a poem, I expect that you will try your best to use the proper format. See the handout and/or BB link about “Quoting a Poem.” It is worth 4 points.