Summery on Real life accounts of Online learning being Harmful

After the group has created a research plan, each group member will individually locate two sources. The following print sources can be used:Scholarly publications (Journals)Articles from College DatabasePopular sources (News and Magazines)Professional/Trade sourcesBooks / Book ChaptersGovernment DocumentsTheses & DissertationsStudents should use the CRAAP test to evaluate sources. Here is a video demonstrating this method:The CRAAP Test (Links to an external site.).Research Summary: group members will then provide the following information for each source:A formal citation in MLA format. Click here to see an example:MLA format (Links to an external site.).A 100 word, original summary of the article. Summaries should not include direct quotations, instead use your own words to summarize the author’s ideas. Summaries should also not incorporate your opinions, interpretations, conclusions, assumptions, etc…At minimum, 3 direct quotes copied from your source and pasted below the summary. The selected quotes should be particularly informative and/or striking.And finally, you will include a brief statement that explains why each source passes the CRAAP test.