Thesis Essay

Topic  “ teachers-student relationship at an elementary level and it’s affect on students academic success”ThesisThis is my thesis “ how does teacher-student relationship at an elementary level affect the students overall academic success?”For analytical essay assignment, you are to create an essay, 1200 words in length, explaining, describing, analyzing and/or evaluating your “Write for a Cause” topic. Include a “Works Cited” section that includes each of the scholarly peer-reviewed sources referenced in the essay.Minimum Requirements:Word Count  The research proposal paper should have 1200 words.The Works Cited section is not included in your overall word count.The introduction paragraph should include:An engaging introductory statementBridge Thesis statementThe body of the essay should include:Topic sentences (to serve as main ideas for each body paragraphs)Evidence (represented by the scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles)Directly quoted evidence with MLA formatted  parenthetical citationsExplanations (to connect the evidence to the topic sentence)Significance (to connect the paragraph to the thesis statement)The conclusion should include:restatement of the thesis statement using reflect and project.restatements of the topic sentences using reflect and project.a conclusion statement to close the essay and offer a lasting impression.The Works Cited should include:all sources referenced in the essay bibliographic entries alphabetize