Tribute of Giveon And Infographic for Social Injustice

Following the tribute format provided, you must research and present a tribute page over a FAMOUS person (alive or dead). You must include their full name,  AT LEAST 4 photos of the person, and a short biography including 5 major facts/events from their life. (1 source minimum)  (150 words)   and  For this mini-project you must pick a topic to research and create an infographic page to present your information. An infographic page uses a combination of images and words to get information across clearly to the reader. Remember you must get your topic approved before you proceed. Your infographic must contain at least 5 images and 5 sentences/facts and at least 1 source. You can use the following infographic as a reference.DO NOT COPY AND PASTE AN ALREADY CREATED INFOGRAPHIC THAT IS PLAGIARISM AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 0.(If you choose this item, please refer to the detailed instructions.) (40 words each source )