week 5 discussion with 2 Responses

Respond substantively (150 to 175 words) at least two classmates who referenced different films than those you have chosen. In your responses, compare the film you discussed as having a lasting effect on society with the films noted in your classmates’ posts. Provide support for your position. Substantive responses use theory, research, experience, and/or examples to support ideas and elaborate on the discussion topic.please respond to this discussion below (the film I wrote about was gone with the wind)Films presents and express the idea and thoughts from director to audience. The directors need to ensure that the way they set up scenes, music and actors help capture the audience and correctly presents main topic. For example, the film Titanic is based on true events and shows that emotions of happiness and sadness. This film impacted society emotionally, we lost 1,496 people on that day on a ship that they said ensured wouldn’t sink.  In the film made the actors present and show the emotions when the ship is sinking and allows the audience to also feel those emotions.(1071) Titanic – Stern Sinks Scene – YouTube (Links to an external site.)The film Bonnie and Clyde also allows to present how they felt about each other and how the cops felt when it was  finally over. Bonnie and Clyde loved each other and looked at each other in the last scene before their death.(1071) Bonnie and Clyde (1967). Final scene – YouTube (Links to an external site.)References:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd53_7n-OlA (Links to an external site.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrmUpso_xT8please respond to this discussion belowAll films have an impact to someone, wether it be good or bad, the film still has meaning. Directors are tasked with telling a story that reaches the audience in a way that effects them the most. When addressing ‘touchy’ subjects, films usually get strong reactions good and bad from society. “There have been films throughout history that have had great social impact because they went beyond the limits of what previously had been standard in the film industry. Many of these films that pushed the envelope also made a large impact on audiences.” Goodykoontz 2019. A good example of this is the film Boyz in the Hood, a raw depiction of inner-city life in the African-American community in Los Angeles. The film was directed by the late John Singleton, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. (Trey), Morris Chestnut (Ricky), and Ice Cube (Doughboy). “Drawing heavily on his own teenage years, Singleton introduced a largely oblivious world to the harsh urban realities of too many African American lives.” Smith 2019. This film shocked audiences and left them with so many questions wanting to know more of these realities. Still today many people (unfortunately) can still relate to many elements of this film, because of that it is still a very relevent film.https://youtu.be/5p9rqqJmDaQ (Links to an external site.)Resources:Smith, Neil. (April 30, 2019). Why John Singleton’s Boyz in the Hood Made Noise.https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-48104548 (Links to an external site.)Youtube.https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=boyz+in+the+hood+clips (Links to an external site.)Goodykoontz, B., Jacobs, C. P., Meetze, J., & Pritts, N. (2019).Film: From watching to seeing(3rd ed.).https://content.ashford.edu (Links to an external site.)Chapt. 9