write a paragraph about stray cats in college

These two cats are the most charming cats although there are a variety of cats in college. Cats are pretty look at their gorgeous eyes. Mother cat is an odd-eyed cat with one green eye and one blue eye. Her different coloured eyes give her an alienated look still making her adorable. In spite of her kitten which just has the most common eye colour, it hits peak cuteness. In addition, mother cat is incredibly self-reliant and independent. Her kitten is quite tiny ,so it still nurses and seeks comfort from her mother. Whenever they feel starving, they do not make any sound; instead, they go and sit near the kitchen canteen signaling to give them food. College becomes their home, and they often wander around the college. They are fond of the comfort of the classroom and will find a cozy corner in the classroom to lie down to snooze. They love petting ,and they make a purr sounds whenever they enjoy it. These two cat will be pampered undoubtedly by everyone due to their antics can be great stress-busters, especially for students.