Write a Resume

Final Writing Assignment: Write a ResumeBackground:As the pandemic continues, many jobs have not returned and competition for others has increased. Employers can be pickier now about who they hire so applicants need to have a polished professional looking resume to help them stand out from others. Further, as you move forward in your academic career towards your career goal, applying for internships and other opportunities, you want to build and improve your resume continuously.Your Task:For this assignment, you will use the resume template I have provided (or another clean, professional-looking template) to write a professional resume that you can use and build on to apply for jobs and internships. You want to create a resume that highlights all of your accomplishments and experience: academic, professional, extracurricular, volunteer, athletic, leadership, and any other accomplishments.Research has shown that employers may only spend a minute or less scanning your résumé, so you have to make it clean, very well proofread, and visually appealing. Assume that your reader is busy, is looking to see if you are a “good fit” for the position, and is looking at the care with which you present your resume.Resume Requirements:Use of a template, either the one I have provided or another clean, professional-looking one.1-2 pages long (no longer than 2 pages)Must include Contact Information, Education, Work Experience, Skills, adding others, such as Athletic Participation and Volunteer Work, as needed.Use of the required template to create a consistently formatted, visually appealing document with:An appealing heading at the top, which lists your name, phone number, professional email address, LinkedIn (if you have one), and home address (not always necessary)Appropriate use of white space (not so much that the document looks empty and not so little that it looks crowded and hard to read)A professional font (NOT Times or Times New Roman)Appropriate use of headings throughoutBullet points to start off duties for each position as well as start off skillsPositions in each section listed in reverse chronological orderWell developed duties listed under each position that include:Strong, unique, active “power” verbs to introduce duties (don’t repeat verbs)Details after each verb that clearly show specific duties/accomplishments in each position (at least three per position), using numbers where possibleExcellent proofreading: No grammar/spelling/punctuation/capitalization errors and no typos