Writer’s Notebook 2.3: Annotations for “Ad Implant False Memories” by Jonah Lehrer and Writer’s Notebook 2.4

Writers Notebook 2.3Please complete the following steps to annotate and submit the attached reading assignment.Download the Microsoft Word file (or PDF if you want to hand annotate or see the original version).Annotate the article. Turn on Track Changes in Microsoft Word under the Review tab first.Complete Step 1: Predict and Preview before you read.Read a paragraph and then summarize (paraphrase) it in one sentence. In Microsoft Word, highlight the last word in the paragraph, and then click the Comment box and type your summary in the box.Define all vocabulary words you don’t know. Type the definition directly in the sentence next to the word.Highlight the main ideas in the text and underline the supporting details or interesting quotes/facts (annotate). Use the guide on the document for your annotations.Complete the reading questions at the end.Save your file onto your computer with the completed questions and annotations.Resubmit your completed assignment by clicking on the link above and attaching your file.You have two choices when completing this assignment. You can use the Track Changes in Microsoft Word to answer the questions and annotate, or you can download and print the PDF and hand write directly on the article. Be sure you also download the Word file, so you know what the reading questions are at the end of the article. Then you can take a picture of your annotations and submit them when you are finished.Grading rubric:Pre-reading                 10Summaries                  40Vocabulary                  10Annotating                   20Two post questions     20Total                            100Writers Notebook 2.4Read and take notes over the article “Ad Implant False Memories” by Jonah Lehrer (link above).Review and take notes over the PPT over “Paraphrasing” that is attached.Complete the paraphrasing activity in your next Writer’s Notebook assignment below.In order to earn an A on the next two major essays, you will need to include a variety of quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. Paraphrasing is a very difficult skill to learn. You will have to practice more that just this time to learn it well.The information presented here will be covered in your unit quiz at the end of the unit!For this Writer’s Notebook, you will paraphrase a section of the essay “Ads Implant False Memories” by Jonah Lehrer. Be sure you have read and taken notes over both the article and the PPT “Paraphrasing” before you begin.Paraphrase the following section of the essay:”This idea [the false experience effect], simple as it seems, requires us to completely re-imagine our assumptions about memory.  It reveals memory as a ceaseless process, not a repository of inert information. The recall is altered in the absence of the original stimulus, becoming less about what we actually remember and more about what we’d like to remember.”Grading rubric:Retains the original meaning             20Uses different words                          20Uses a different structure and order  20Shorter (never longer)                        20Cited correctly                                    20Total                                                   100