Writng 2 paragraphs

Your upcoming essay is based on “Writing about Cultural Practices” #4, which can be found in the Technology Module. To get us started, let’s look at how a particular App is represented, then do a critical analysis of it using one of the four bullet points as a guide. The App we will explore is called https://replika.ai/  which can be downloaded or looked at as a website (https://replika.ai/ (Links to an external site.)).  You can explore the topic by just examining the website, though, for a deeper dive, you should create your own Replika and see how it works (again, not required, just useful).Once you have checked out Replika–including thehttps://replika.ai/about/storythey publish in their “story”–pick a bullet point in the essay question and respond to it with at least 2 paragraphs’ worth of critical analysis. You may, of course, respond to more than one question.Some of you may choose to use this as the basis/beginning of you longer essay (published soon). This is perfectly fine. If you do so, you are encouraged to use any ideas that seem good to you in this discussion, just please use your own words.